1. Old Man Grimes

From the recording Hangtown


Thought I was losing my goddamn mind
seeing demons standing in the grocery line
hearing voices like the old testament
telling me to pack up and forget about rent
start sweating when I run into my old friends
hard living when you’re living in a small town
kept the smile but the mask was cracking
when time was up kinda glad I was a wacko

no more crazy ideas
at least I lived to see it through

when disease hit us up in the woods
Fortified and shacked up and armed with a shotgun
call me crazy but they’re all dead now
no pleasure being right
there’s no one left to talk about
tried to warn them but they laughed and called me old fool
what the hell I used to know a dance or two

no more crazy ideas
cuz now I’m bound to see them through
the world ain’t what they used to tell you
it’s gotten sinister and cold
if you follow your dreams and passions
they’ll probably put your ass away

thought I was losing my goddamn mind
packing spare batteries and solar powered flashlights
hearing voices like the old testament
old man grimes get away from the civilized
you know you’re chosen if you ain't dead yet
you ain’t a lizard if you never eat your own flesh
you think the word can make you less smug
you ain’t been here long enough

no more crazy ideas
no more crazy ideas